A Proven Hydrogen-on-Demand Technology With Outstanding Results

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The I-PHI™ (Innovative Partial Hydrogen Injection) technology is the only hydrogen injection system that has been proven effective in reducing fuel consumption by injecting the correct amount of hydrogen and oxygen into the engine air intake, resulting in enhanced combustion, less maintenance, and fewer emissions.

How it works

  • Distilled water is added to the I-PHI™, which uses electrolysis to separate the hydrogen and oxygen.
  • The hydrogen and oxygen are added to the air/ fuel mix, causing the fuel to burn more fully.
  • This increases engine power and torque, allows the engine to run longer on the same amount of fuel, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Versatile + Safe + Low Maintenance

  • a bolt-on device that works on any large diesel engine
  • injects hydrogen and oxygen into air/fuel mixture for better combustion
  • operates only when engine is running 
  • completely safe because no hydrogen is stored in the unit
  • only requires addition of small amounts of distilled water

Scalable + Efficient + Cleaner

  • multiple units can be linked together on larger engines
  • only tiny amounts of hydrogen are injected  
  • combustion is quicker, cleaner and more complete with hydrogen
  • most users experience greater engine power with no black smoke

“We are running 25 units on our transport trucks, John Deere power units and tractors. We have found fuel savings on all applications.”

Shane VanVeen
President, Wessuc Inc.