A powerful and proven way to reduce fuel costs and emissions in diesel engines​

Introducing the i-Phi™ Gen 2

The I-PHI™ (Innovative – Partial Hydrogen Injection) Gen 2 System is a patented, hydrogen-on-demand technology for diesel engines that improves engine performance, while also dramatically reducing both fuel costs and carbon emissions.

The I-PHI™ Gen 2 was developed to be able to install in even more applications. It is more compact than the earlier model. The water reservoir which was remote before is now self-contained in the I-PHI™ unit itself. No need to have the water reservoir under the bunk, between the seats or taking up room inside the generator. It was also designed with ease of installation in mind. Install time takes about half as long as before. Now 3-4 hours vs 6-8 before.

Key Benefits:

Greater fuel

engine power
Fewer harmful

The proven, ground-breaking technology can be installed on any diesel vehicle or generator.


The Innovative Partial Hydrogen Injection (I-PHI™) technology has been certified by multiple agencies to reduce emissions and earn carbon credits.

Reduce fuel usage by
10-30%+ depending
on application

Certified + verified by
3rd party testing

Canadian made +