Our technology delivers impressive environmental benefits

We can help you achieve your environmental goals and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings.

In addition to significant cost savings, the I-PHI™ technology provides even greater environmental savings.

  • 15%+ lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
  • 30%+ lower smog producing Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)
  • 80%+ fewer particulates that release soot and black smoke
  • 15%+ fewer Total Hydrocarbons (THC)

With the Green Print Assessment, we can also help you calculate your carbon savings so you can earn Carbon Credits to use or sell.

We Want to be Your
Pollution Solution

“With the I-PHI™ we are reducing emissions, which is big in the trucking industry, and reusing the unspent fuel that would not have been burnt in a normal firing engine application.”

Shane VanVeen
President, Wessuc Inc.