About HydrogenPlus

HydrogenPlus is a Canadian company that owns the North and South American rights as well as a number of other countries’ rights to distribute the innovative Hydrogen-on-Demand diesel engine technology, owned by Innovative Hydrogen Solutions (IHS).

IHS has spent almost 20 years developing this technology and holds two patents, with four patents pending, and certifications from over five organizations, proving the effectiveness of the technology.

the team

HAROLD ZIBELL | Co-founder + President

Harold studied mechanical engineering at the University of Manitoba and has spent over 30 years selling products that help protect the environment in a range of industries. When he met the President of Innovative Hydrogen Solutions and learned about this technology, he could instantly see its potential. Since then he has focused all his energies to get this ground-breaking green technology widely adopted.

RICHARD YUCK | Co-founder + COO

Richard has spent over 30 years as a stockbroker and advisor, providing venture capital and business management skills to smaller start-up firms to make them successful. With HydrogenPlus he is applying his extensive marketing skills to promote the I-PHI™ Hydrogen-on-Demand system to a wide range of customers, including small and large companies and all levels of government.


Robert has over 35 years experience in the logistics and trucking industry. He has managed and owned multiple units companies. His skill set has been with diesel engines ranging in different applications and horsepower.

The I-PHI™ technology has an ISO 14,064 Part II Certification so you can earn carbon offset credits from the use of our technology.